6 Things Windows Phones Do Better Than Android Phones

Alright, alright, calm yourselves, keyboard warriors, we all understand this is something many of you would likely not agree with because let’s face it, with over 80 percent of smartphone market share from the Earth, the Android cellphone operating system leads the remainder of the contest by a mile.
Perhaps since it’s the OS embraced by many top manufacturers of smartphones, fragmentation becomes an issue that disturbs Android-powered phone. Here’s a post by Azzief Khaliq that argues for and against the effects of Android OS fragmentation you should check out.
Here, the Windows Phone’s user-friendly and fast OS and its own integration with Microsoft-linked products has given many users, especially those that work a lot with Windows goods, a reason to consider the integrated mobile platform. On the outside, it offers the identical functionality (and possibly somewhat longer ) as do other programs but these are 10 features you may find better on a Windows Phone than on an Android.
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Windows Phones additionally
  1. Quality Build Phones With Exceptional Design For Everyone
    The biggest ammo to join the arsenal of Windows mobiles must be Nokia’s partnership. With phones that range from $180 to $425, sporting display sizes from 4″ to 6″, Nokia has lots of options not only for the budget-conscious but also people who are looking for a powerful, sleek phone, for instance like Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel camera sensor and Total HD video. You certainly can get decent value for the money in the event that you just keep your eyes open for a good alternative telephone, instead of stop looking after it isn’t on a”favorite” OS.
  2. Gorgeous Apps
    Though the Windows App Store lags behind the Play Store in terms of quantity, what counts with programs is the quality and so far Windows phones possess the basic necessities covered. Windows Phone isn’t an open source platform and Microsoft includes a stricter criteria place compared to Google about which programs and games may populate their various marketplaces.
    As a result, the program store responds with superior and better apps, and cleaner options, than that which Android apps can provide. They are consistent, gorgeous, minimalistic and in many cases, seem much better than they do on Android. I’d suggest you take a peek at 6tag (3rd party program for Instagram), Spotify, Skype, and Facebook. Seamless Email And Social Networking Integration.
    Windows Phone with its assignment to build an end-to-end product experience for its clients, has a soild built in societal media incorporated hub that they use; it is very smooth and fluid. The Folks Hub gets upgrades from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As opposed to opening individual apps one by one, all of your buddies’ status updates and alarms can be viewed within the Folks Hub.
    Facebook integration on Windows Phone makes it better than Android in regards to tagging images. Additionally, it lets you use your phone contacts . You can switch between Facebook chat along with standard text messaging along with your contacts on Windows Phone.
  3. Microsoft Integration and Service
    Those that are used to Microsoft’s service and applications will be glad to know Windows Phone works well with Microsoft products like Outlook.com. Unlike Android, Windows Phone includes free Office from the OS itself. The mobile version is handy for on-the-go professionals. You can edit and view, Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents straight on your own Windows Phone. Additionally, it integrates with OneDrive and consumers may save their compatible documents on Microsoft’s cloud storage service.
    Android comes in so many shapes and dimensions, so performance and quality are always a matter. Windows Phone however works well on all levels of apparatus from your entry Lumia 520 to the high-end Lumia 1020 with no noticeable lag whatsoever. The minimalist design strategy is used at all Nokia’s Lumia range of devices and known for best build quality.
  4. Customizations on Lockscreen
    Windows Phone allows you to have a look at your own notifications from the lockscreen. Not just you are able to change Background images in Lock display configurations, but Windows Phones additionally allow the integration of live apps on the lockscreen. Some of the better app integrations are Bing and Facebook. Bing shows the Bing Picture of the Day while Facebook displays photos from the albums.
    You can also pick from photos of yourself or make a selection of photographs to be shown in your lockscreen. Another cool thing you could do is to configure the lock screen to display artist information when playing audio.
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