A new kind of mobile VR starts on Windows


About a year ago I had my first VR experience. This is not a great one. I use a cheap smartphone in my Google Cardboard headset. I can calculate the pixels, just five minutes later, I feel sick. This is disappointing.

For those who do not know, in a mobile VR, the game knows the direction of your head through the phone’s gyroscope (it’s important to rotate the virtual camera).
However, the gyroscope can only detect rotation. For example, a gyro knows if you put your head right. But move forward while keeping your head straight, gyro registration has not changed! Although you take a step forward, the game shows the same as before.

Hardcore PC gamers know that moving in the 3D world is not only possible, but also very effective, with the old keyboard and mouse. So we have an obvious idea: making a VR game that is not controlled by the gyroscope but via the keyboard and mouse (in addition, it’s also important that many phones do not have gyroscopes, phones such as the Lumia 640 and 650).

So Adaplect was born.

It is a custom 3D graphics engine. It is not based on Unity or Unreal. This means that its graphics can not be near-polished and performance needs to be optimized. But it at least allows us to test keyboard interaction ideas.


And it works…

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