Burger King didn’t hack Google Home, it hacked the media

I think that it’s no accident that we’re talking about Burger King’s TV commercial that was designed to trigger Google Home — and not just because it would have been really annoying if it worked, or because it raised some some fairly troubling privacy issues. We’re talking about it because I would like to suggest that was the entire aim of this commercial. The media, not your Google Home, has been hacked by Burger King.

We have no concrete numbers detailing just how many Google Home devices have been sold to date, but in October 2016, Strategy Analytics estimated that the total number of digital home assistant devices shipped by Google and Amazon would reach around 3 million in 2017.

So let us assume for a moment that Google, entering the market a little later than Amazon did with the Echo, has sold 700,000 units to date. That would mean that if each sold device lived in one household, the maximum number of homes in which this commercial would work is 700,000. (That number is likely a little less, given that some households may own more than one Home.) That number also has to assume that abagel everyone who bought a Google Home had set it close enough to the TV and had their TV tuned to one of the channels airing the commercial for the ad to work. That’s a hell of a lot of assumption.

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