By New 3D Render, LG G5 Rumors Come To Life

By New 3D Render, LG G5 Rumors Come To Life

At recent time, we’ve been hearing a lot about the LG G5. The company is expected to make a big splash next month with a fresh flagship design and some exciting new features. Currently we’re getting what may be our best look yet at the G5 courtesy of TechConfigurations.

According to recent leaks and a few early accessories, the site created an interactive 3D model to show the LG G5 from all angles. You are able to see the phone’s sleek chamfered edges, a USB-C port next to a bottom-firing speaker, an audio jack up top and a big screen with barely any bezels. The back of the device features a pair of cameras and a fingerprint reader.

By New 3D Render, LG G5 Rumors Come To LifeAlso, TechConfigurations offers an updated list of specs for the LG G5. The phone will apparently pack a 5.6-inch Quad HD display, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and two more cameras in back, making it possible to refocus your pictures after you take them.

The G5 should be a considerably big departure from LG’s last few flagship phones. Also, Rumor has it the company could include some sort of magic slot at the bottom of the device, where the battery slides out and extra accessories can be attached. Unluckily that unique feature isn’t included in this 3D render,even if it still offers a pretty good look at the upcoming flagship phone.

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