Coachella man caught stealing over 100 phones thanks to Find My iPhone

Coachella might be a Snapchatter’s paradise, but it’s also, apparently, a phone thief’s paradise. Thirty-six-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was arrested at the festival on Sunday with more than 100 stolen smartphones in his backpack, KMIR News reports.

As Consequence of Sound points out, the Indio Police Department said that a group of users were able to locate Henao on the festival grounds by using Find My iPhone. This is not the first time the tracking feature has successfully led iPhone users to their stolen property, and police departments have pointed out that using the feature like a crime vigilante isn’t the best idea. In this instance, festivalgoers seemed to have worked in conjunction with the police department.

KMIR reports that some people were reunited with their phones right away, but some are still in the festival’s lost and found. If you’re one of those people, Coachella keeps a running collection of found items on its website.

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