Delhi Assembly Secretary Prasanna Suryadevara Passes Proposal to Retain Speaker’s Secy

Let’s read the news,

“I was shocked to know that LG has allowed an illegal and unconstitutional order to be issued,” Goel said while reading out his observations prior to a discussion in the House on “unconstitutional attempts to render the duly elected Assembly defunct with the aim of defeating the popular mandate”.

Goel said, “With the assumption that LG was misled to allow such an erroneous order to be issued, I called up his office (on August 29) from Udaipur to reason with him. He refused to come on line… I faxed a letter to him, making it clear that the supremacy of the Legislature in its own sphere can not be tampered with. I had to tell him that he has no locus in the matter and should keep off the position of Secretary and of any thing to do with the Legislature.”

Goel also said he had written to Information and Broadcasting minister Venkaiah Naidu about his decision to retain Suryadevara and also to the director of All India Radio, Suryadevara’s parent cadre.

The assembly resolved any move that results in violation of the Speaker’s directions in relation to the position of secretary, legislative assembly and functioning of the Secretariat be treated as a “serious breach of privilege of the Assembly”, and proceedings be initiated against those causing such a breach. It requested the Speaker to take steps to absorb Suryadevara as secretary, legislative assembly on a permanent basis.

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