Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Will Not be Attending the Session of Delhi Assembly Friday

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is on a four-day Punjab tour, so he will not be attending the  Delhi Assembly Friday session.

The Opposition, meanwhile, is planning to raise the Sandeep Kumar issue, retention of Vidhan Sabha secretary Prasanna Kumar Suryadevara despite his repatriation and the “illegal” appointment of 21 parliamentary secretaries.

According to sources, the Assembly Speaker has received notices from at least three MLAs on questions pertaining to the Lieutenant Governor’s decision to review government files, powers of the elected government and Kejriwal’s security. Many MLAs have raised questions over the LG appointing a three-member committee to review government decisions. “Does this mean the LG will reverse the government’s decisions and shut down mohalla clinics and hospitals? Or the decision to increase minimum wages?” asked an official.

Some MLAs, sources said, asked if the powers of the Delhi legislature have been compromised and what is the sanctity of the decisions taken by House. The questions sent to the speaker also pertain to the independence of the legislature and the working of the assembly, added the sources.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta said Kejriwal’s absence from the Vidhan Sabha and the “exodus” of the CM, deputy CM and ministers to election-scheduled states will be raised by them in the House. “We will question the government on how it misled the public as well as constitutional authorities on the parliamentary secretary issue. We will press for an answer as to why it virtually made these MLAs ‘almost’ ministers,” said Gupta.

About the party’s agenda, Gupta said, “The BJP will also take up the issue of Suryadevara, who is still illegally occupying his post despite the Centre’s orders. We will also raise other issues such as the scandal surrounding dismissed minister Sandeep Kumar, the condemnable attitude of AAP leader Ashutosh before the National Commission for Women, exploitation of women by AAP, wastage of public money to the tune of crores of rupees on unauthorised foreign tours of ministers and officers, and the CM’s absence from the assembly session because of political interests in other states.”

Meanwhile, declining to pass urgent orders on a plea by suspended BJP MLA O P Sharma, the high court said the AAP government would not get “any benefit” by “deliberately keeping three MLAs out” since “voting will not be affected” in the assembly.

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