Facebook Messenger Camera Upgraded With More Snapchat-Like Camera Features


Facebook has updated its services to allow them to share the platform with other media for a long time. Social media giants have already introduced some features, and their applications seem to mimic Snapchat directly. Now, the messenger application receives the same treatment and the latest update – update the application camera. The update has already started rolling out Android and iOS apps, but has not yet reached India.

The latest update to Facebook’s Messenger software puts camera buttons at the center of the screen, which is almost summed up by corporate strategy. Regardless of whether the user opens the application or they are in conversation, they can see the shutter button in the center of the screen. Like most camera applications, a single click will take pictures while long press to start recording the video.

“In some ways, the camera is now replacing the keyboard,” the company said in its blog.

With easier access to the camera buttons, the updated 3-D mask and effects application provides users with full-screen art filters, like Snapchat. The company claims to have added “thousands of stickers, frames, masks and effects” to the messenger application. Facebook said it worked with artists around the world to come up with more custom tool messengers.


In order to make text messages more fun, Messenger now provides a palette button beside the camera button that provides users with artwork suggestions on the basis of the text written by them. Other features on Messenger will work as same and, needless to point out, users can still send text messages in the old-school way.


Now instead of selecting a message thread and then taking a picture or video, the user can shoot first, and then select the contacts they want to share their content.

Last August, Facebook launched a virtual assistant “M” messenger application. Now that the company has started to test the recommendations in our “feature, it provides actionable recommendations based on the dialog’s application background, according to reports by BuzzFeed.

Facebook recently introduced a new feature called “Camera Impact Platform” that allows users to add and design a frame of photos and videos.

It would be interesting to see if the latest updates improve the messenger application and whether all social applications will become clones to each other.

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