Give You 3 Tips On Windows 10

Tips On Windows 10

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Snap Apps To Every Corner of Your Screen

Another tip rather than a setting, Snap apps to the sides and corners of your screen by dragging them with your mouse or finger. They’ll automatically resize. Windows 10 will also list other apps that you have open and may want to multitask with.

Snap apps

Add Your Game Links to the Xbox App

Microsoft says that its Xbox for Windows app is a one-stop shop for playing games inside and outside of the Windows Store. The company is right; the app does let you record video and take screenshots from games, plus other cool stuff.

When you install a game inside or outside of the Windows Store, it’ll surface in the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC. You can manually add games that don’t show up there by default. I add all of my games here for mental clarity. It also helps that it keeps me connected to Xbox Live when I’m away from my Xbox.

Tips On Windows 10

Add Shortcuts to the Action Center That Make Sense for Your Device

The Action Center offers quick shortcuts to what Microsoft has determined are most used settings. Thankfully, you can go beyond this and add some settings to it of your own.

Listed in the Settings app under System are the Actions and Notifications options. Choose which settings you’d like to quickly have access to from there.

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