Groove Music gains music videos on Windows 10 PC and Mobile for Insiders



grooveMicrosoft seems to have provided an error feedback center about the new function of the update log. It seems that this feature may not come to the computer or move in the future, but we’ll let you know if it ends up with these devices.

Microsoft finally brought back the music video slot yesterday on Xbox. Today, the company will also feature other Windows 10 devices – from personal computers and mobile devices.

If you have slot music through, you can now watch some songs on your music video on your Windows 10 PC or mobile device is also very neat. However, keep in mind that music videos do not have slots for each song of music – currently, there is no graphical element that indicates if a song is music video, so you basically have started playing this song if it has a music video.

At present, this feature can only be used by Windows insiders, so Microsoft may further improve the window for all 10 users. Once again, music videos are only slotted music through the user, which also means that you will not see music video songs in your OneDrive library.

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