Health Minister Satyendar Jain Said the AAP Will Get 282 Seats In the Lok Sabha

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Delhi Assembly discussion was held on Friday, and Health Minister Satyendar Jain said “The AAP will get 282 seats” in the Lok Sabha in the near future.

“Politicians challenged us to go get 282 seats if we really wanted to make full statehood for Delhi a reality. LG mahoday challenged us to get 282 seats… may his words come true because he knows in his heart that we will win 282 seats,” claimed Jain.

The minister was speaking during a discussion on “the alleged arbitrary use of Delhi Police against MLAs of the ruling party and the raid in the office of the Delhi Commission for Women”.

Full statehood was the only solution to the “problem”, said Jain.

Targeting the Centre, he said, “Police and the ACB are mere tools in the hands of a political party. They are carrying out the orders of the Centre, which could not stomach its defeat in Delhi.”

“Unlike police being accountable to the citizens and the Constitution, like they are in the UK, police in India answer to their political masters. Our police is the legacy not of the British, but the Colonial British rule,” said Jain.

AAP MLA Sarita Singh termed the raid on the office of DCW chief Swati Maliwal “an act of intimidation.”

“The allegations on Swati Maliwal are baseless. From a mere commission with no real powers, she has converted the DWC into a body capable of taking action for the betterment of women. There are 181 helplines in Delhi, 22 cars of the DCW doing the rounds 24X7 and cases pending for longer than eight months being cleared in a week’s time,” said Singh.

“Swati Maliwal, a woman of character born of the movement for women’s safety in the aftermath of the December 16 gangrape, disposed of 400 cases in the few months since she took over as the DCW chief… police are harassing Maliwal only because she has been doing such remarkable work,” said MLA Alka Lamba.

Citing an incident during the initial days of his tenure as minister, Jains said a woman created a ruckus in his office, and she later turned out to be the president of the BJP women’s wing.

“After she was ushered out of my office, she went on to complain to police that I had inappropriately touched her. Because of CCTVs in my office, police could make no case against me, or I would have been the first AAP MLA to be jailed,” he said.

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