Honor Quest Gets Updated To Plus More Adventure To The Mix

Honor Quest


Honor Quest: Steam and Magic is a fantasy adventure game available in the Windows Phone Store where you have to help a band of heroes rid the land of evil forces. The turn-based combat game has you managing character development and strategy during battles.

And the Windows Phone game has undergone a series of updates over the past few months with the latest taking the game to version 1.1.4. These updates have delivered several bug fixes, performance tweaks and a few new gaming features.

Honor Quest: Steam & Magic is one of the more involved RPG games available in the Windows Phone Store, relying heavily on character development. The updates help enhance gaming performance and extend the overall longevity of the Windows Phone game.

The most recent pair of updates to Honor Quest has delivered a host of improvements. First up was the update to version 1.1.3 that delivered:

  • A new map to explore, Aunecart Valley
  • Heroes can now are able to advance in experience past level 80
  • Six new heroes have been added to the game
  • A new item, Exp Books, are available to level up your heroes

Honor QuestThe latest update, version 1.1.4, delivers a series of performance updates and bug fixes to improve the overall gaming experience. Dare I say, to make the game seem faster?

All in all, we found Steam and Magic to be an entertaining Windows Phone game. There are a number of gaming aspects that you’ll have to manage, including character development, weapons upgrades and magic development. When you don’t control your heroes shortly in combat, the strategy lies with how you develop their abilities.

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