Huawei announces X Labs platform to research mobile broadband


Huawei has announced a new research platform called X Labs, designed to bring together technology providers, operators and vertical industry partners to explore future mobile applications, drive business and technology innovation, and foster an open industrial ecosystem system. The announcement was made by Huawei vice chairman and rotating CEO Hu Houkun in his keynote address to collect more than 1,500 telecom leaders, analysts and media.

X Labs is a research platform designed to explore three separate areas of mobile communications: people, vertical, and home. MLab (Mobile User Experience Lab) focuses on how to create an immersive user experience for immersive mobile applications like video, live, VR and similar. That means the method is estimated by the vertical application concerned, exploring how mobile technology enables digital The conversion process is vertical to the industry. The third lab in the X Lab Initiative, HLab, focuses on connecting more homes and making use of broadband connections to develop smart home applications.

“The first time we have the opportunity to see video in. Video has become the most popular form of content delivery media, social, and professional communication, like marketing. Video and images account for more than 60% of mobile network traffic. The largest part of the market, many operators involved in the space.In the industrial applications, mobile video solutions for public safety, traffic surveillance, and logistics are also full of opportunities.In the field of video communications, video has become a huge global phenomenon, Hu said in his subject.

The second major operator of the opportunity is considered the home market, the third being Hu with the vertical market. Hu said that to seize these three opportunities depends on three key factors: connectivity, architecture, application platform support.

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