iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 7 ‘s Speed Tests From Youtubers

Youtubers has been busy of taking iPhone 7 speed tests.

Now, we have a real speed test from YouTube channel PhoneBuff that quite convincingly shows just how fast the iPhone 7 really is. The video pits the iPhone 7 against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to see which of the two phones is the fastest when it comes to running various apps and games.

The test concluded with the iPhone 7 finishing way ahead of the Galaxy Note 7, beating the latter by a huge margin. While the iPhone 7 loaded some of the apps and games like Angry Birds and Subway Surfers with ease, the Galaxy Note 7 was surprisingly slow loading the same.

In fact, by the time the Galaxy Note 7 loaded every app in the first round, the iPhone 7 managed to complete it twice in almost half the time. To put things into perspective, the Galaxy Note 7 took 2 minutes and 4 seconds to load the apps once, and then 3 minutes and 14 seconds to load the apps twice. The iPhone 7 on the other hand finished loading all the apps once in 1 minute 14 seconds, and then loaded them all again in 1 minute 40 seconds. Despite just 2GB of RAM inside the iPhone 7 compared to the 4GB of RAM found in the Galaxy Note 7, the former still had all the apps open in memory while the latter had to reload some of them.

PhoneBuff also recently conducted a speed test between the iPhone 6s and the Galaxy Note 7, where the year-old iPhone beat the Galaxy Note 7. While on paper the Galaxy Note 7 has the specifications to beat the iPhone 6s, real life speed tests say otherwise.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 fell short of both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7, these tests do not actually prove that the Galaxy Note 7 is slow in real life and users are unlikely to face any real lag with the device. And despite the recent battery-related issue, the Galaxy Note 7 is still a pretty solid device.

Seeing as how the Galaxy Note 7 has been beaten by Apple’s latest smartphone, It would be interesting now to see a speed test between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

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