Know More About LG’s Music Flow System

LG’s Music Flow System

 LG’s Music Flow SystemAs most multirooms systems, LG’s MusicFlow components are molded to compete with the pioneer of the genre, Sonos. Three stand-alone speakers come in Goldilocks sizes of small, medium, and large. LG’s lineup starts with the junior H3 , which offers competitive sound quality, with a dark and smooth punch of bass, even though it’s a bit lacking in the detail department, occasionally making us wish for more presence in the upper mids and treble.

The system then moves up to the middle-child H5 — which we didn’t get the opportunity to test this go around — and tops off with the H7 . The flagship of the brand, the H7 is at least $100 less than Sonos’ big bomber, the Play:5 — not too shabby, particularly considering the sound. The H7 is full and well-balanced, with enough punch to fill the room, and enough detail and presence to satisfy your ears across a wide variety of genres.

 LG’s Music Flow SystemAdditionally, Music Flow incorporates a variety of sound bars into the mix, the most affordable being the H7150 that we reviewed, which can be had at a screaming deal these days for around $300 online. While the ultra-slim bar is a little bright for our taste when it comes to dialog, at $300 it competes well with similarly priced sound bars, and totes a plethora of added features. One its best tricks it is ability to be paired with small Music Flow speakers for stereo/surround sound effects.

In the end, the system incorporates a totally portable speaker, the $200 H4. The speaker looks strikingly similar to Bose’s SoundTouch Mini — which is to say it’s sharp, stylish, and small enough to take nearly anywhere. The H4 just might be the best value proposition of the mix, offering solid sound across the system , and versatility, owing to its 8-hour rechargeable battery.

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