LG G6 Rumors: Design, Display, Release Date

It looks like the LG G6 will deviate significantly from its predecessor – which is a good thing.

The phone will be behind the G5’s modular support innovations, including a new four-drive HDTV + screen. This is what we know so far on the LG G6.

Release Date

Many people want to see G6. Reports from Android and ETOnline show that LG hopes to beat Samsung’s next-generation smartphone market by the end of February or early March. This will make LG at least a month or so, without any competition from other major new smartphones. This may be enough to beat some Samsung customers.

“This definitely sells can be launched earlier,” said Avi Greengart, director of research for the current analysis of consumer platforms and devices. “In view of Samsung’s attention to 7 vulnerabilities, if LG released before Samsung can create a compelling super flagship, LG can see some Samsung buyers switch.”

It is likely that LG will be announced at the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona in February this year, but the company can also surprise us and even announced earlier.


Here’s one thing LG has confirmed: the G6 will have an almost bezel-less 5.7-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio to maximize how much room the display takes on the body. The 2880 x 1440 screen is meant to make using dual-screen multitasking easy, and LG’s inTOUCH tech means that the screen will likely be super-responsive with little or no delay.

LG also says that the screen will consume 30 percent less power, though it doesn’t clarify what they’re comparing it to (presumably the G5). Some rumors suggest there could be a secondary ticker display like that found on LG’s V10 or V20, but we’ve seen nothing to back that up definitively.



We’re mostly in the dark about the design, but Android Authority published a diagram allegedly of the G6, showing similar dimensions to the previous G5.

No More Friends

LG experimented with modular add-ons called “friends” that added functionality with the G5, but it seems like the company is reversing course. The Wall Street Journal reports that the next phone will ditch modularity because the G5 was a flop.

“Modular designs make tremendous sense to engineers, but consumers don’t buy phones that way,” Greengart said.

An LG spokesperson told the Journal that users weren’t interested in the Friends, and that the next phone will focus more on usability.

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