Manish Sisodia Claims that LG office Threatened Officers not to Sign Petition Filed in Supreme Court

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Speaking during the special assembly session Friday, Sisodia said that while the high court judgment had stated that services came under the LG’s purview, it was being interpreted in a way to obstruct the functioning of the government, and “efficient” officers were being identified and transferred out deliberately.

“The Lt-Governor’s office had warned the officers not to sign the petition filed in the Supreme Court. They were so seriously threatened that they would not have dared. I had to sign it myself as a minister,” said Sisodia.

While Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta said there no issue of public interest was discussed during Friday’s session, Sisodia replied saying the issue that was the substance of the session was the direct attack on democracy. “This is the biggest attack on democracy by the Centre. This is a mockery of democratic sentiments and independence,” said Sisodia.

He added that officers who were seen carrying out the AAP government’s work competently were called and threatened. “They are being told that there are two models in front of you. One is the Rajendra Kumar (secretary to CM Arvind Kejriwal) model and the other is the (former secretary of the Public Works Department) Chetan Sanghi model. We will either slap false cases on you or we will cause a rift between you and them (AAP government) and send you on central deputation,” said the deputy CM.

Sisodia also said the estate officers appointed by the government to keep school premises clean were being “hunted” down and transferred. A DANICS officer in the law section of the education department, who was cracking down on the private school lobby, was also transferred, he claimed.

“This month, there is negative Value Added Tax (VAT) in Delhi. The VAT commissioner wanted to go on leave but I asked him to stay back and he had agreed. But he was called (by the LG’s office) and asked to proceed on leave. Why is this happening? The PM’s office is monitoring every little thing in Delhi,” he said.

Sisodia added the government was now saddled with officers of the Centre’s choice. “We had appointed young and dynamic officers in various departments. Now they (Centre) have appointed some officers who are either sycophants or known to obstruct work,” he said.

Pointing his finger at the opposition benches, the minister said, “You can send all 67 of us to jail, you can get us killed but when you kill one of us, 67 like us will be born.” Drawing references from the Ramayana, Sisodia said, “Our vaanarsena (army of monkeys) will burn your golden Lanka to ashes.”

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