Microsoft’s new Xbox Live Avatars are impressively diverse and customizable

Microsoft is preparing to launch a big overhaul of its Xbox Live Avatars system. Originally released as an Xbox 360 feature in 2008, Xbox Live Avatars have been slowly tweaked to include more props and customizability ever since. Microsoft is now introducing a new avatar system that’s designed to make these Xbox avatars a lot more customizable, with a huge focus on diversity.

The new avatars will let you fully customize your online character with new body type options, clothing, and props. During the Xbox daily briefing at E3 yesterday, Microsoft demonstrated the new avatar system with a trailer (above) and some behind-the-scenes footage of how the company is building the new Xbox Live Avatars. Microsoft’s trailer shows an amputee, playful costumes, wheelchairs, skateboards, and even motorbikes to demonstrate the wide array of props and customization. There’s even a new pregnancy option, and the ability to control the colors of an avatar with a picker system.

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