Motorola’s new wireless earbuds are cheaper, but they’re still not worth your money

I’ve been grading on a curve when it comes to truly wireless earbuds. Or at least, I was. It’s such a technological challenge — fitting respectable battery life, sound quality, and wireless radios into such a small form factor — that I felt it worthy to catalog what companies got right in the face of the things they got wrong.

That’s why, despite the low score and headline, I was still a bit forgiving with the Motorola VerveOnes+ last year. (To be clear, they’re made by a company called Binatone, Motorola just licenses its name.) These earbuds were uncomfortable, didn’t offer incredible sound, and weren’t cheap. They also buried some of the most useful features in the accompanying app, instead of offering quick access via the earbuds’ built-in buttons. But they got the phone-to-earbud connection mostly right, which was sadly still an accomplishment at the time.

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