BJP MP Girri on hunger strike outside Kejriwal’s house, seeks debate – Murder of NDMC official

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In a letter to Kejriwal on June 16, Girri had invited him to the Constitution Club to produce ‘evidence’ against him in the case and to an ‘open debate’ on Sunday which was ignored by Kejriwal. Girri said he would sit on strike overnight.

In response to allegations by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of his involvement in the murder of NDMC official M M Khan, BJP MP from east Delhi Maheish Girri Sunday sat on a hunger strike outside the CM’s residence.

“I am sitting here outside Arvind Kejriwal’s home on anshan (hunger strike). Will not budge till he comes forward to show proofs of allegations,” Girri tweeted.

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Following the BJP leader’s challenge for an open debate, a #MGAKDebate has been trending on social media. Taking it further, Girri tweeted Sunday, “Delhi CM did not turn up for the debate today. Shri Arvind Kejriwalji cannot deny not knowing about this #MGAKDebate Here is the copy of receiving of CM office.

Such a liar — person of selfish interests does not deserve to hold a constitutional post of the CM of Delhi. He must resign. He has spoken enough lies against our PM, against a lot of senior leaders but has never been able to prove a word of his. The habit of Kejriwal to blame, shoot and then run away must come to an end. He has always been reckless in his approach.”

Girri said if Kejriwal failed to prove his allegations, he should resign. “If he manages to prove the allegations, then I will quit politics. Or else he should do so,” he said.

In a letter to LG Najeeb Jung, Kejriwal had accused him of trying to ‘save’ Girri and NDMC vice-chairman Karan Singh Tanwar in Khan’s murder. Khan, an estate officer of NDMC, was shot dead in Jamia Nagar on May 16.

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