New leak shows how a major hacking group cracked Windows and international banks

This morning, a new set of hacking tools was released by TheShadowBrokers group, revealing new techniques for hacking both Windows and certain financial networks.

Likely originating with the NSA, the tools give new clues as to the group’s targets in recent years, which seem to include both international anti-money-laundering groups and oil companies in the Persian Gulf region. Some of the hacking tools were flagged by antivirus services as early as 2012, but experts believe the dump contains at least some undisclosed vulnerabilities for older versions of Windows. The leak also contains new attacks against the SWIFT banking network, used to transfer money internationally.

The files are mirrored on Github here, and researchers are already poring through the findings in a dedicated #shadowbrokers room on the Freenode IRC channel. A full list of the implants is available here.

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