Nokia Phone Is The Best Cheap For WhatsApp?

Nokia Phone

Nokia PhoneIt goes without saying the fact that WhatsApp is a incredibly popular smartphone app that allows mobile phones of all platforms to exchange messages for free; it works by the internet and even allows users to create groups to send messages to a group of people, to send each other an unlimited number of images, video and audio media messages. It’s a great and free way to communicate with friends or family all over the planet and on any smartphone including Nokia phones.

Currently, Nokia smartphones are some of the cheapest smartphones available on the market and many of these can run WhatsApp allowing for a cheap way to communicate with others; most of these phones are lacking in areas such as the camera, storage and screen quality but they provide an inexpensive way to speak with loved ones if that’s all you care about. Here are a few instances of cheap WhatsApp capable smartphones from Nokia.

The Nokia Asha 203 was released back in 2012 and is capable of running WhatsApp to a good quality however it is certainly not a market leading device; the phone only takes 2MPpictures from it’s built-in camera and has a resolution size of 240×320 pixels making it very small especially in comparison to the iPhone 6S which has a 12MP camera and has a 750p resolution. It does have a loud speaker and unlike the iPhone it does have a very long battery life of around 650h when left on standby. It’s an alright cheap phone for when you just want a WhatsApp device.

Nokia PhoneAnd Nokia Asha 311 was released in 2012 and has slightly better specs in comparison to the 203; the phone has a 3MP camera that takes 480p images and has a slightly larger resolution of 240×400 with a standby life averaging around 700h. It’s certainly better than the first one but it is a little more expensive, the Asha 311 may be better overall but if you’re just looking for a WhatsApp only phone then the cheaper 203 may be the better option.

The Nokia X2-01 Qwerty Phone is another cheap phone capable of running WhatsApp and has similar specifications are the Asha 203 however it has a shorter battery life. Featuring a 240p display resolution, a VGA camera, 55MB internal memory and also Bluetooth along with approximately 480 hours battery life when left on Standby. This phone could easily be the weakest of the group in terms of specifications as it is the oldest, it was released in 2010, it is also a very cheap smartphone which is perfect for WhatsApp.

Overall the Nokia Asha phones are decent and cheap smartphones which are perfect for WhatsApp, not all smartphones from the Asha line have been mentioned here and there are plenty of others such as the 306 and 201. There are also plenty of other smartphones available by Nokia that are perfect for those mostly looking to use WhatsApp for the free and easy communication it provides.

WhatsApp was released in 2009 and has been providing users with an easy way to exchange messages for years and combined with a cheap Nokia smartphone, anyone are able to connect to each other cheaply and easilly.

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