Now Microsoft Should Give Up On Windows Phone And Switch To Android


MicrosoftWhat calls for special attention is that Windows Phone has all but died on the vine, and with less than 2 percent market share, it is unlikely to obtain any new ground considering the pummeling it is receiving from the twin mobile titans of iOS and Android.

However, one of those foes actually offers Microsoft a possible lifeline, and a way to make a bigger impact in the mobile space. It’s time for Microsoft to dump Windows Phone and start making Android smartphones.Android

Calm down folks, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In fact, Microsoft’s been quietly putting a lot of the groundwork for such a switch in place.

First off, Microsoft has been working hard to bring a whole array of its tools and services to the platform. Office, OneDrive, Skype, along with all its cornerstone services, are already available to Android users. And Microsoft is adding to this list all the time, such as with its acquisition of SwiftKey.Windows Phone

I’ve used plenty of these apps, and Microsoft has done a wonderful job of bringing its products and services to both the Google and Apple ecosystems. The Office suite of apps is especially respectable, and beats pretty much everything else on offer on Android.

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