Now Microsoft’s OneNote Makes You Import Evernote Notes

Microsoft’s OneNote

Now Microsoft’s OneNote Makes You Import Evernote NotesWhat calls for special attention is that Microsoft’s OneNote app has been cross-platform for some time now, whereas one of the big barriers of moving from a service like Evernote has been the lack of full support for importing existing notes. Microsoft is releasing a OneNote importer tool today that’s particularly designed to import Evernote notes.

What’s more, the tool will be available initially on Windows, with a Mac version to follow, and allows you to migrate all Evernote content into OneNote. Microsoft’s new tool works on Windows 7 or later PCs, and the software maker recommends users have Evernote for Windows installed to speed up the migration. When both note-taking apps are very similar, Microsoft is wishing to tempt Evernote users to finally switch with this new tool, free offline access, and unlimited monthly uploads.

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