Patreon wants to be a one-stop social network for artists to reach fans

Patreon, the subscription-based funding platform that supports creators like Amanda Palmer and the Kinda Funny team, is getting a major update that includes live-streaming capabilities and a new visual design. Patreon co-founder Jack Conte says the features are intended to give creators more ways to engage directly with their patrons, while also giving them more ways to analyze and keep track of their subscriber base. They’ve been tested with a limited number of people on the platform, but will now be rolling out on a large scale.

One of the additions is a new app called “Lens,” which Conte describes as something like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, but limited to Patreon subscribers. The app “makes it really easy for creators to give patrons a window into their life and share videos and photos,” says Conte. It’s currently in beta, and will be released slowly over the next six months.

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