Phone news: UK bank NatWest launched all-new Windows 10 Mobile apps with Continuum support

all-new Windows 10 Mobile app can support iOS and Android

The UK’s higher than average Windows 10 Mobile market share has convinced at least one British bank to support the platform fully.

NatWest’s all-new  Windows 10 Mobile  app support from all the major features of iOS and Android, including no card, cash transfer, just like in the use of mobile phones. Additionally, this update brings Continuum support for compatible Windows 10 Mobile devices.

 all-new Windows 10 Mobile app can support iOS and Android

Take a look at our new look and try to refresh the window 10 application . In addition to the brand new Windows 10 app, we have introduced the following:

  • If you send account to others,and they can easily  to pay
  • Get a reminder of your customer number in the menu
  • Continuum so that you can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to your Windows 10 Phone for a PC-like experience!

With the NatWest Mobile Banking app managing your money on the move is easy, fast and secure.


  • Even if you don’t use a debit card can get cash from your account
  • Pay a person or bill
  • Pay your contacts using their mobile number
  • Transfer money between your NatWest accounts
  • Check your balance and transactions
  • View and cancel your direct debits and standing orders
  • Create standing orders to existing payees
  • Find your nearest cash machine or branch
  • Top up your UK Pay As You Go mobile phones (available for major UK mobile networks only)
  • NatWest with Continuum

The interface is clean and supports Windows 10 Mobile natively

NatWest phone has a lot of work in Windows, however, the  update  shows  their remains committed to the platform. Sadly there are no PC versions as of yet, but considering the apps support larger aspect ratios via Continuum, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit the Windows 10 Store for PCs very soon. Because it is an inevitable event.

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