Samsung Announced Way For Checking Galaxy Note is Safe or Not By Checking the Retail Box’s Label

Samsung announced way for checking Galaxy Note is safe or not by checking the retail box’s label.

The new battery indicator colour on new and replacement Galaxy Note 7 units is just one more way for users to differentiate between safe and unsafe handsets. In South Korea, Samsung sold almost 400,000 Galaxy Note 7 units before announcing official recall. The report says Samsung will have enough new units by next week to replace all sold so far in South Korea.

In addition Samsung, as promised previously, has made its dedicated page live for users to enter the IMEI numbers of their Galaxy Note 7 units to see whether they are safe for use. The website is easy to use and just requires users to enter te IMEI number of their Galaxy Note 7 unit to check on the online database.

In the meanwhile, Apteligent has released its data claiming to show the Galaxy Note 7 adoption. According to the released data, the adoption rate dropped after Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 7 recall. The data shows adoption rate of the Note 7 as of end of Wednesday. There has been a “small 13 percent usage decline since the recall date,” claims Apteligent. It’s worth noting that the data released doesn’t include all the markets where Note 7 was selling and it collected the information through app data on mobile platforms. Though, it slightly offers indication about the adoption rate of the Note 7.

In the US, almost one million Note 7 smartphones were officially recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday.

Samsung has already urged Galaxy Note 7 consumers to stop using the smartphone and go for an exchange, if affected by the issue.


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