Samsung’s TV and watch OS is reportedly full of security holes

Recently published CIA exploits uncovered the ability for intelligence agencies to hack into Samsung smart TVs, but it appears the flaws in Samsung’s ecosystem run much deeper. Motherboard reports that security researchers are preparing to unveil as many as 40 zero-day exploits for Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Samsung uses Tizen on a range of TVs, smartwatches, and phones, and the vulnerabilities will allow attackers to hack the devices remotely.

Tizen runs on around 30 million TVs, and Samsung plans to have 10 million phones running the software by the end of the year. Samsung has attempted to move to Tizen on its devices as a way to loosen its reliance on Google’s Android software, but it’s clear Tizen isn’t secure and ready for popular devices like the company’s Galaxy range of handsets.

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