Union Minister and Delhi Leader involved in the Functioning of Brothels on GB Road

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The Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) Tuesday had registered an FIR against Maliwal over appointments in the DCW.

Maliwal said, “We were trying to find out under whose patronage this business was taking place… I have received very strong leads that there is a minister in the Union government, and a senior Delhi leader of a prominent party, under whose patronage this entire business is taking place”.

According to Maliwal, the probe was aimed at understanding how the brothels, with business involving “thousands of crores”, functioned openly just 3 km from Parliament.

“We had been trying to find out who owned these brothels. We had just started getting these leads in our investigation when, suddenly, an FIR was registered against me. A completely false FIR was registered. Now… hints are being given to me and I am receiving messages from a lot of people that they will arrest me… and through the LG, these politicians will throw me out of the DCW,” said Maliwal.

Asked to reveal the names of the Union minister and the senior Delhi leader, Maliwal said, “You will get to know very soon.”
Rubbishing Maliwal’s allegations, Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay challenged her to disclose the names if she had any evidence. “AAP leaders are getting exposed, and that’s why they make statements that are misleading, to divert attention from their own misdeeds.”

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