Congress downplays ‘politically motivated’ probe – Water tanker scam

Water tanker scam, Sheila Dikshit water tanker scam, Sheila Dixit water tanker scam, water tanker scam sheila dikshit, AAP, Anti Corruption Bureau, ACB water tanker, arvind kejriwal, delhi news, india news Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra sent a comprehensive reprt on the water tanker scam and tweeted out about the same asking why BJP was protecting Sheila Dikshit. (Source: File photo)

Congress leader PC Chacko said that the grand old party welcomes the inquiry even if it is politically motivated. “Any inquiry, which is legal investigation, we welcome that because they are giving more publicity even before they start the inquiry,” Chacko told reporters.

The Congress Party on Monday downplayed the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s move to register an FIR against former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit in connection with the water tanker scam and said the ‘politically motivated’ inquiry is yet to come to its logistic conclusion.

“The ACB of Delhi has filed an FIR. It is just a routine procedure when the complaint reaches them. Whether it is a complaint, whether there is a scam or something illegal, that is to be decided by an inquiry. So, starting the inquiry is the news now, not the conclusion of the inquiry,” he added.

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ACB chief M K Meena had said on Monday that they had received a complaint from Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government got an inquiry conducted into the alleged irregularities that took place during the Congress government.

The previous government had committed irregularities and incurred a loss of around Rs. 400 crores so accordingly action might be taken, Meena quoted Mishra as saying.

Meena further said, “We have also received a complaint from BJP leader Vijendra Gupta stating despite receiving report of irregularities, no action was taken to cancel the contract that caused huge loss to the government.”

“We have registered a case under various sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act and Indian penal Code (IPC) and we will take action accordingly,” he added.

He, however, said both Kejriwal and his predecessor could be questioned in this connection.

“I hv given a comprehensive report with evidence. No BJP leader is even talking about it. Why BJP protecting Shiela? Vijender Gupta sent a one page letter to LG no evidence. LG has received 15000 such letters in his tenure. how many he forwarded to ACB? (sic)” tweeted Mishra.

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