We Think We Know About The HTC 10 Hardware

We Think We Know About The HTC 10 Hardware

As can be expected, the HTC 10 is rumored to keep in step with LG and Samsung on nearly every count. A credible source for leaked information, said the HTC 10 would have these specifications:

5.15-inch AMOLED QHD display (slightly bigger than the M9)
Snapdragon 820 processor
4GB of RAM
12-megapixel camera.

Except from considerably standard hardware, HTC will keep its “UltraPixel” camera for the selfie camera on the front. The HTC 10 will need to seriously bring its A-game if it wants to keep up with the stellar cameras on both the LG G5 and the Galaxy S7—so we’re excited to see how the new camera performs. HTC’s supposedly excited, too. It says its two cameras—front and back—are “world class.” Hopefully that’s more than just bullshit PR speak.

We Think We Know About The HTC 10 HardwareAlso, HTC is reportedly including a high-audio DAC called “BoomSound Headphone.” But honestly, the name doesn’t mean much anymore. This will also be the first time HTC uses a Quad HD display in one of its flagship phones.

Other than that, a few other small rumors say that waterproofing and wireless charging will be on the HTC 10, whereas that could also be blatant guessing since they’re two missing features HTC has never adopted.

The most interesting specification in the rumored hardware is the 4GB of RAM. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 comes with 4GB, however it runs with a considerable amount of carrier and manufacturer bloat along with a greatly tailored version of Android called TouchWiz. HTC said in October that they’d begun moving their own OS, called Sense UI, to be more closely aligned with stock Android. Its goal was to create an OS that could put out Android updates faster than any of its competitors.

With all of this powerful new hardware, the HTC 10 could be an incredibly responsive, fast, and quick to update. To be sure, we won’t know until we try it ourselves, nevertheless, all the ingredients are there for something surprisingly good.

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