Why a private space balloon company is sending KFC chicken to the stratosphere

Arizona-based company World View Enterprises has an ambitious goal: send humans to the upper edges of the atmosphere using high-altitude balloons. It’s a dream that’s still years away from being a reality, so in the meantime, the company is aiming to send something a bit smaller to the edge of space: fried chicken.

Today, World View announced that it will be sending Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new spicy Zinger chicken sandwich to the stratosphere for multiple days. The sandwich’s ride is the Stratollite, the company’s balloon vehicle that acts a bit like a low-hanging satellite — except it doesn’t orbit Earth and you don’t need a rocket to launch it. The Stratollite is essentially a high-altitude balloon designed to leisurely float about 100,000 feet up, while carrying instruments or probes that can provide communications services, for instance, or scan the Earth’s surface. For this flight, the balloon will be holding a chicken sandwich.

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