Why can’t all my chargers just charge all my stuff?

One of the minor but underappreciated luxuries of this world is having two laptop chargers. It is wholly unnecessary in the great scheme of things, given that by their very nature each charger functions equally well. But not having to do the small chore of unplugging my charger from by my bed, wrapping it up, and plugging it in by my desk at work, day in and day out, is just a nice thing to be able to do. It’s one less thing to carry. It’s better for the overall life of the charger, since you’re not stressing the cable as much. And it’s ultimately better for my sanity of not constantly having to check whether or not I actually remembered my charger on any given day.

The problem is, laptop chargers are expensive. A spare 85W MagSafe 2 charger for my MacBook Pro costs $85 from Apple (and yes, I tend to stay within the more expensive name brand when it comes to the thing that courses dangerous amounts of electricity through my laptop.) A 65W Surface charger? $79.99. With prices like these, it’s more or less financially irresponsible to actually realize my double charger dream.

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