Will Samsung Close Its Camera Business?

Samsung Camera Business

Samsung Camera BusinessNothing is more important than the fact that rumors have been swirling around in the photo industry the past couple of months about Samsung pulling out of the camera industry.So far Samsung hasn’t announced anything new in recent times, moreover its camera division has reportedly been bleeding money every year since the NX system was announced in 2010.

However, the latest news today is that the Samsung NX1 is being discontinued… at least in Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. The move is strange, because the camera is meetly young and since a boom in sales from the holiday season should be right around the corner.What’s more, circumstances may be different in other markets from poles to poles, however production of the NX1 has reportedly stopped once an for all.

“This is the clearest sign yet that Samsung may be about to exit the camera business or scrap the NX platform and proceed with a new system,” writes EOSHD.

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