Windows 10 was added virtual touchpad for Microsoft

Microsoft is adding a virtual trackpad to Windows 10

Microsoft released Windows update 10, last month in March and is expected to produce some new features. Although Microsoft hasn’t introduced each new function, choose to hide some video, means that the company’s plan to have unexpected. In a new test version of Windows 10 (build 14965), released today to Windows Insiders, Microsoft has added a virtual trackpad for its operating system.

Microsoft will use this feature is described as tablet without using the mouse to control the external display method. It is designed for sitting in the task bar (if you choose), and provide a virtual touchpad on the screen, can be used to control the mouse and right click or left click options. You can now enable a touchpad icon in the notification area, and you can tweak the trackpad gestures in the main Windows 10 settings panel.

It’s an interesting addition that will be welcomed by Windows 10 tablets users that aren’t using a keyboard or trackpad, or those who connect tablets up to second displays regularly. That’s probably not a lot of Windows 10 users, but Microsoft continues to cater for every use case with Windows 10.

In addition to virtual touchpad, Microsoft also in adjusting its applicable to Windows 10 Sticky Notes applications. Now support more language and region, increased in many new country/region to identify email, URL, phone number, address and the ability to stock. Microsoft is also improving its Windows Ink features, with quick access to pen settings, options to shrink and expand the protractor with a mouse, and improved performance of the Sketchpad app when lots of digital ink is used. Windows 10 testers will be able to experiment with all the new changes today, as they roll out worldwide to testers in the fast ring.

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