Xiaomi Smartphone Exploded and Led the Company to Initiate Investigations

After the issue of Samsung’s batteries explosion, now come to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has appointed a third-party company to investigate two cases of explosions. The phones involved in the explosions are the Xiaomi Mi Max and Xiaomi Mi 4c. The company has reportedly “insisted” that the Mi phone explosions were accidents and has offered compensation to the affected parties.

Digitimes reports that the first case of explosion was registered earlier this month and involved the large 6.44-inch Mi Max smartphone. In the case, the user was reportedly charging the smartphone with the official charger that shipped with the Mi Max in the retail box.

In another case, the Xiaomi Mi 4c exploded in a user’s back pocket of pants and caused third-degree burns to the user. Reports claimed that the user bought the Mi 4c from the company’s official Mi.com website. At this moment, it is unclear what the cause of smartphone’s explosion was.

Due to several Galaxy Note 7 smartphone explosion cases, Samsung has taken a major hit in terms of dropping share prices. The company has already urged consumers to stop using the smartphone and has even announced replacement stocks for the handset.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant had announced that the replacement stock for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would arrive country-wise starting this month. Samsung in the meanwhile has also revealed ways how you can check whether the Galaxy Note 7 unit is safe or not, and it can be done through checking the label on the retail box, apart from checking the IMEI number against a database.

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